Complete Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concept in Java

Class A class is a collection of methods and variables. It is a blueprint that defines the data and behaviour of a type or kind. So, a class is a template for objects, and an object is an instance of a class [crayon-61a7f15163958446627620/]   Object An object is a instance of Class. An object is .. Read More
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JavaScript Arrow function

Normal Function [crayon-61a7f1516404e826833779/] Arrow Function [crayon-61a7f15164054808958433/] .. Read More
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Complete ReactJS Guide

To be continued … React JS is a JavaScript library thats runs in the browser. React is all about component to building an application. We can divide a website into a number of components, like header, sidebar, widgets etc. By writing react components we can reuse those components across various pages in our website or .. Read More
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Complete guide to Javascript .map() function

Javascript map() function can applies a function to each element in an array and returns a copy of the original array with modified values (if any). Syntax [crayon-61a7f151646ad156410236/] Parameteres newArray – the new array that is returned oldArray – the old array being operated on. This array will not be changed elementValue – the current .. Read More
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Complete guide to Javasript .reduce() function

Javascript reduce() method reduces the array to a single value. It can also executes a provided function for each value of the array (from left-to-right). The return value of the function is stored in an accumulator (result/total). Syntax of .reduce() function array.reduce(function(total, currentValue, currentIndex, arr), initialValue) Parameters total Required – The initialValue, or the previously .. Read More
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Javascript .map() function to iterate array and object items

.map() with call back function .map() accepts a callback function as one of its arguments, and an important parameter of that function is the current value of the item being processed by the function. This is a required parameter. With this parameter, we can modify each individual item in an array and create a new .. Read More
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Javascipt Class

A class is a blueprint of object. Class can have properties and methods [crayon-61a7f15164a8f736690026/] .. Read More
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Arrow Function Syntax

const printMyName = (name) => { console.log(name); } printMyName('John'); const multiply = number => number*2; console.log(multiply(2)); .. Read More
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What is MEAN

MEAN is a set of software/web application development technologies. In which M stands for MongoDB database. Its a non relational database. It can store data as Documents. E stands for Express JS. Its a NodeJS framework. Its middleware between NodeJS and Angular JS. A stands for Angular JS. Its a client side JavaScript framework. It .. Read More
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Mastering JavaScript Part 1, JavaScript Cheat Sheet 1

In this particular post I will write all the comments in inside the code. It will be easy to have all the functions in a single location so that you can go through all the topics all at once. [crayon-61a7f15164c76740282850/] Methods of Array Array has a number of methods that help us to do operation .. Read More
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