ASP.NET Form Authentication

Hello All

Today I will demonstrate how to do Form based authentication manually.Though it can be maintained through login controls which is provided by Visual Studio but sometime we need to do the task without using those controls and the required database.

First we have to perform validation for the user, then we needed to authenticate the user for different type of task according to the role of the user ( I will do role based authentication.) In my example I have a folder named "Secure" which can be access only by the Admin user. (in the following code I assume that U have done the validation for a user.)

  /* we are taking expire time duration form application settings file you may also hard coded this value.*/

Now open the the Global.asax file,if its not exist in your current solution add it as a new item. Then add the following code block as bellow,which will chek the authentication in each page request.

Now its the time to securing our folder from web.config  . When any Authorized user will try to access in the Admin folder then this will check the "Admin" role for the user.

thats all for today.

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