Easy Northwind Database installation.

Its pretty much needed to work with a existing relational database to test any new features of a language,but its really tough to get it at the right moment. We can easily get one from Microsoft’s Northwind database.First we have to install SQL Server Management Studio and then download the sample database form here . After installing the SampleDB, it will create a directory named “C:\SQL Server 2000 Sample Databases” . In this Database we will get some files including NORTHWND.MDF.To use it, first we have some inital tasks to do …

1. In the first step we have to double click on “instnwnd.sql” which is in the “C:\SQL Server 2000 Sample Databases” folder , after click SQL Server Management Studio will automaticly open then we have to press the “Execute” button.

2. In the similar way we also wave to double click on “instpubs.sql” and do the same thing.

after that when we connect our SQL server we foud our desired NORTHWIND database .

in the above topic i have escaped many vital technical issues just to make the article simple any easy to read as well as easy to impliment. hope it will work.

have a nice day.