Isolated Unit Test of Business Logic With NMock in TDD

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In test driven development its always needed to test a particular project tested with make it isolate ( test with removing dependency from other projects ), In this scenario we virtually create the input set which will be produced from other projects(class,methods etc) and test whether our testable methods are functioning with that input set or not.

To do that we have to make mock of the dependent objects. In the example bellow I have shown how to test a business logic layer with isolating it from data access layer.I have created three projects Web.Data , Web.Core & BL.Test .

The Web.Data project contains the Data Access Layer which will be responsible for pulling data from the data source,but as we are isolating our business logic layer from this project so in the example I will not completely  implement our desired method( as it will not be executed).

To do that we need some tools such as NMock and NUnit . We will found the NMock.dll , nunit.core & nunit.framework in both of its bin folder where we extract or install those.

our Web.Data contains only two files one is IMockDAL.cs interface and MockDAL.cs class.

IMockDAL.cs interface :

MockDAL.cs Class :

In our Web.Core there are also two files , one is IEmployeeService.cs interface & EmployeeService.cs the class file. in this project we have to add reference of Web.Data project as it has a dependency over that.
IEmployeeService.cs  interface :

EmployeeService.cs Class :

In BL.Test project we have to add some reference as it have dependency over  couple of projects and DLLs . We have to add reference of Web.Data & Web.Core and we also have to add NMock.dll , nunit.core & nunit.framework .In this project we have a class file named MockTest.cs

To make it run we can set the project as our startup project and configure the NUnit .

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