Isolated Unit Test of Business Logic With NMock in TDD

Hello All In test driven development its always needed to test a particular project tested with make it isolate ( test with removing dependency from other projects ), In this scenario we virtually create the input set which will be produced from other projects(class,methods etc) and test whether our testable methods are functioning with that .. Read More
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UI test with WatiN for TDD in .NET

Hello all Today I will show how to test UI ( User Interfaces ) in .NET with WatiN . WatiN is UI test framework. Though its a very simple but i have felt the documentation is not rich enough with example. So i have taken an initiative to make it more userfriendly for the developers. .. Read More
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ASP.NET Form Authentication

Hello All Today I will demonstrate how to do Form based authentication manually.Though it can be maintained through login controls which is provided by Visual Studio but sometime we need to do the task without using those controls and the required database. First we have to perform validation for the user, then we needed to .. Read More
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Web service creation & consuming with ASP.NET

Hello all Today I will show how to create web service with VS2008 and consume it in different application. first I have opened a web service from File>New web site > web service named "DemoWebService". now in the solution explorer we can a Service.asmx file and the Service.cs file in App_Code . I have added .. Read More
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Captcha generate with ASP.NET & C#

Hello all Today I will demonstrate how to generate captcha with & C# . though there are many .NET plugin and controls to serve the purpose but my focus is to generate the a random image and its manipulation with the help of .NET framework. First open a web project and add a "Web .. Read More
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Simple unit test with NUnit

Hello all Today I will show you how to do unit test of a .NET project with NUnit. NUnit is a great tool to do unit test of any .NET project.As its a third party tool so you have to download it from here . I assume that you all are familiar with unit test.For .. Read More
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Important coding standard

To day I will go through about coding standard which we must have to follow during development . 1.Pascal casingĀ  should have to follow in Class & Method naming example : public class TestClass{}; public void TestMethod(){}; 2.Camel casing should have to follow in writing and local variable and parameter. example : int localCounter;public void .. Read More

How to make a web application using Visual Studio

Today I will show how simple it is to make a web application installer with Visual Studio. I have assumed that you have a project already open and now you want to make a installer for it. First we have to add a new project from File->Add->New Project 42-c94fcf559256″ class=”wlWriterSmartContent” style=”display: inline; margin: 0px; padding: .. Read More
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Simple Excel Data read and save with C#.NET

Hello All Today i will demonstrate the process of Excel data read with both DataReader & DataSet . Though the Code is not optimize but its very simple to read a excel file in OLEDB. In the example i have hard-coded the Excel file location named “Book1.xls“, and the selected sheet is “Sheet1“. We also .. Read More
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Simple .NET Cookie Management

Hello all Today I will give a short description about using Cookie with .NET , Cookie is one of the most impotent thing to maintain scalability of server as well as manipulation user’s information easier. Generally a Cookie enabled browser can store about 20 cookies for a single domain , so what’s happen ;when you .. Read More
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