Easy dll using in Visual Studio

Hello again Today I will show how to use a .dll  file using Visual Studio. dll is nothing but the a complied managed code by .NET CLR (at least for this tutorial). what I did is just wrote a simple class “Employee” in a new project named “EmployeeInformation”. It has one property and a method .. Read More
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Simple multiple projects add to Visual Studio

Hello all Today I will explain how to add multiple project in Visual Studio .(That could be use for n-tier architecture or for other purpose). In .NET or in any language its wanted to fragment individual module of a system should have to be separated. In .NET we do this by adding multiple project in .. Read More
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Simple XML pursing with XPath

Hello again. Today i will talk about how to purse XML simply with .NET’s XPath features.We know XML now days gets very important thing for transferring or what ever. I will show how simply we can Purse a XML file.Suppose we have a XML file named “Sample.xml” and the structure of that XML file is .. Read More
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Simple Mail send Through .NET

Hello all ,Today i will describe how to send mail through .NETFirst we have to configure the SMTP mail server . In this context i have assumed you mail server has been configured (including web.config ).Now we have to import [crayon-6081ffb74df60788653183/][crayon-6081ffb74df66802391106/] [crayon-6081ffb74df69435994161/] [crayon-6081ffb74df6d849121447/][crayon-6081ffb74df70154756542/][crayon-6081ffb74df73279516425/][crayon-6081ffb74df76394223099/][crayon-6081ffb74df78837711641/][crayon-6081ffb74df7b663575808/][crayon-6081ffb74df7e483735165/][crayon-6081ffb74df80993792171/][crayon-6081ffb74df83981250473/][crayon-6081ffb74df86420969118/][crayon-6081ffb74df88314926893/] .. Read More
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Event fire at certain time.

(This article is taken from one of my other blog.) from few days one thing is clicking in my head very simple but not initiated before.so i have posted the problem in phpfreaks forum and got some useful solutions : #1 : hi i want to know how to run continuous service which is written .. Read More
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Easy Northwind Database installation.

Its pretty much needed to work with a existing relational database to test any new features of a language,but its really tough to get it at the right moment. We can easily get one from Microsoft’s Northwind database.First we have to install SQL Server Management Studio and then download the sample database form here . .. Read More
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