JavaScript Array Vs JavaScript Object – Complete guide

Most of the new developers faces huge trouble to identify the difference between JavaScript Array and JavaScript Object. This particular post will help you to pass your initial hurdle and you will be able to play efficiently with JavaScript Array and JavaScript Object How to Define JavasCript Array? [crayon-61e5d941967f3254456143/] How to Define a JavaScript Object? .. Read More
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List and Keys in React JS by using map() function

In React JS .map() or map function used to print array element. In normal Javascript you can use a for loop to render or print array elements. On the other hand by using .map() function you can print or render an array easily by typing small amount of code. Rendering an array in React JS .. Read More
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Download site from or Internet Archive

First you have to install Ruby in your system. Go to this link and choose your operating system and install Ruby into your system. Install Ruby After installing ruby install wayback machine site download script by using your command prompt or terminal gem install wayback_machine_downloader Your system is ready to download sites from website. .. Read More

Define constant in angular 2

Say you are fetching JSON data from an api url which is http://localhost:8080/api, and you have to use it for a a number of times .. Read More

How to find spam mailing script location in whm cpanel

If you want to locate the spam mailing script in your whm cpanel server you have run some ssh command. First you have to find out which script/file in your server is sending most of the abusing emails. [crayon-61e5d941970eb575706437/] You will find something like this 2 /home/site1/public_html/contact 4 /home/site2/public_html 8932 /home/site3/public_html/file_2014 Now you can understand .. Read More
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Clear mail queue by using SSH

If you found your email queue is full with spam emails, first you have to find out which domain is sending the spam emails. Run the command below in your ssh terminal it will show you a list of domains along with emails it sent during a period, by showing this list your can easily .. Read More
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Understanding View::share in Laravel

Understanding View::share in Laravel is easy but tricky to new users. Here I will try to clear the confusions of Laravel’s View::share. First look at the code below. We defined a ProfileController and inside it we have a public function as getIndex(). [crayon-61e5d941974a5542429065/] $Profile_info is having an array where all the user information from Users .. Read More

Cpanel whm brute force protection

Today I am going to discuss about a very common problem related to cpanel or whm panel. Hackers always try to get root access for your hosting and to get the passwords they run script that will try continuously with various random passwords. WHM panel has a built in feature to protect against brute force .. Read More
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Changing HTML with JavaScript

Changing html with javascript is very simple but tricky, one can use InnerHTML javascript property to do that. Below I will show you how to do this step by step. [crayon-61e5d9419765e427859380/] Our goal is to change the html content of the div, which ID is “target”, with a new html content. first we have to .. Read More

Top Hardware Technologies of 2013

3D printers A 3D printer is a limited type of industrial robot that is capable of carrying out an additive process under computer control. The 3D printing technology is used for both prototyping and distributed manufacturing. Google Glass It’s surprisingly simple. Say “take a picture” to take a picture. Record what you see. Hands-free. Even .. Read More
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