Linux everyday

Today i am going to share some very easy but useful Linux commands . I have been using Cent-Os last 2 years and found these commands in my everyday life . Some of the commands may need root user permission , if you find “permission denied” exception try to switch your user to root and .. Read More
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How to configure Eclipse for JBoss Application Server and MySQL Database

How to configure Eclipse for JBoss Application Server and MySQL Database To configure Eclipse with JBoss AS and MySQL Database you need Eclipse Indigo for J2EE developer , JBoss Application Server and MySQL Database connector . You can download those from the following links 1.Eclipse IDE for J2EE Developer : 2.JBoss http: // 3.MySQL .. Read More
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On page seo search engine optimization blue book – Most important fact of SEO

On page website optimization - A blue took about the most important fact of SEO .. Read More
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Solution for Forbidden /phpmyadmin : You don’t have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server

Previously i had wamp version 2.0 and there it uses phpmyadmin 3.* version. Now i need to use wamp version 2.0c and it came up with phpmyadmin 2.* versions. After installing wamp 2.0c i could not access http:// localhost/phpmyadmin and it says 403 Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server I .. Read More

How to find multiple occurance of a string in a target text

May be  all of you know the pros and cons of  strpos() function. Why we use this function? Actually sometimes we need to track the position of a search string in a long text or a paragraph. And  so we  use it. echo strpos($targetstring,$searched_string); And it it will  always show the first occurance of the .. Read More
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JSF 2.0 and JBoss 4.2.0 Configuration Common Problems and Solutions for Begginers

I almost spent 3 days in creating a new project in Java Server Faces (JFS 2.0 ) in the  JBoss AS 4.2.0 .I made some very small mistakes but atlast after 3 days of hard work i understood the problems and now able to succesfully run a JSF 2.0 project in JBoss AS 4.2 . .. Read More
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How to configure your grub after making a partition in your PC

Sometimes you can not boot in your PC after making a partiton . And you get stuck in a black window at the boot time .This happens because after making the partition in your Hard disk the location of grub from which the OS loads may change . To solve this problem and to boot .. Read More

How to make Windows your default boot-able OS when dual booting

After installing Ubuntu along with Windows Ubuntu becomes the default boot-able Operating System. However You can make Windows the default boot-able OS . To do this you have to follow the following Commands : Step 1 .Boot with your Ubuntu OS Step 2. Open up a terminal and write : $ cd /boot/grub Step 3. .. Read More

Very interesting Feature Late Static Bindings(LSB) in php 5.3.0

Php is now widening its scope and solving its limitation to achieve the pure OOP(Object Oriented Programmng). Now we will learn the LSB by observing the code: <?php class parentclass { public static $c_name = __class__; /*this will store the name of the class in $_cname*/ function get_class_name(){ echo”This is the object of “; return .. Read More
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How to keep your form with its exact layout By using the Zend Form

Today we will learn how to keep our layout exact like our project main design. We know that if we use Zend form we find some flexibility and advantage for using the component: 1. You can filter and validate the input field. 2. You can group the element or can make the subform. 3. And .. Read More
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