How to add recaptcha in Zend Form

Its an simple way to add the recaptcha service in your web form. Zend framework reduce your development time by providing the service through its Zend_Service_ReCaptcha. Step-1: You need to signup an account for your domain name or project. Why  you should do this? Because for using the recatcha service you need two key public .. Read More
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Secure File and Folder permissions for WordPress

File and folder permissions is very important in terms of web security. In most of the cases hackers are some how manage to get the access of your server and can upload/write/ edit your script and compromise your website. Common form of security regarding this is never allow write permissions to group user and public .. Read More

Secure your wp-admin folder in WordPress

Sometimes you will see that your site has been compromised by hacker. You may have seen that they do it by hacking your wp-admin folder. Your site might be public but you can restrict your wp-admin folder by providing little extra security with a htaccess file. You can limit access to this folder for some .. Read More

How to Secure your wordpress site from Hackers

Several of my websites are hacked today. All of my sites are hosted in Hostgator VPS server and my sites are hacked by “Prishtina Hackers Group”. Thanks to this group who insisted me to seriously thinking about the security of my sites. My sites are hacked that does not means that those hacker group is .. Read More

Nice procedure to create a wordpress widget plugin in step by step

You want to access in the wordpress core development. Really you are a greeks. This nice procedure for you and it will amazed your structural plan and enthusiasm. In the following article we will learn—>How to make a widget plugin? –>How to show the effect  of widget in the content? .. Read More
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Rss feed for Custom Post Type – WordPres

Custom Post Types was one of the most hyped feature of WordPress 3.0. This feature alone expanded the horizon of WordPress usage as a Content Management System (CMS). If you are using Custom Post Types, or thinking of custom post types, then you may have the urge to add it into your main RSS Feed. .. Read More
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Switch Blog in WPmu

Some time we need to make some common header,sitebar and footer in wpmu site sub-domain . We can do this easily by make a common template in root site and use those header,sitebar and footer on that sub-domain site . To use root’s header in sub-domain by wordpress default function , we just set the .. Read More
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Read more link tips in Wp

1 . Some time read more link not working in the_content() to fix this problem we can apply this procedure . < ?php global $more; // Declare global $more (before the loop). $more = 0; // Set (inside the loop) to display content above the more tag. the_content("More..."); ?> 2. if u don’t want to .. Read More
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Blog on Template Page

In WordPress some time we need to show the Blog on Different Page .We can do this by using the following code . First we make template page called blog.php After that we can put the following main code on the blog.php .I ignore the header footer and sidebar portion . < ?php $paged = .. Read More
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Zen Coding — a tremendous way of writing HTML and CSS code

Zen Coding is a set of plug-ins for text editors that allow for high-speed coding and editing in HTML, XML, XSL, and other structured code formats. The tools have been incorporated into a number of high-profile text editors, some plug-ins developed by the Zen Coding team and others implemented independently. However, Zen Coding is primarily .. Read More
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