Securing a WordPress Page with SSL using wp ecommerce plugin .. Read More
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Template Hierarchy of wordpress

To understand the template hierarchy i think  this link will help us .. Read More
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Git in Windows with TortoiseGIT client & ProjectLocker free Git Hosting

Hello All Hope you all are fine. Today I will show how to work with Git in windows environment with TortoiseGIT client & ProjectLocker Git Hosting. ProjectLocker is a good Git hosting provider for startup a private project, you may check there pricing plan to let know more about the features of different plan. Now .. Read More

Installing to is not supported. Please use instead.

WordPress MU setup problem. I am so sure that 100% users who tried to setup this wordpress MU in their local wamp server, faced this problem. Here is the quick solution of it. just use “” instead of “localhost” it will solve the problem. .. Read More

PHP overloading ( method overloading and property overloading)

Hello All Today I will focus on overloading method and property in PHP. Unlike other language Java/C# overloading is working in a little bit different way for PHP. Normally we can overload a method by providing different/varying argument(s) ,but in PHP it should have to create through some magic methods. These magic methods are as .. Read More

Article from another blog

(This article is taken from one of my other blog.) from few days one thing is clicking in my head very simple but not initiated i have posted the problem in phpfreaks forum and got some useful solutions : #1 : hi i want to know how to run continuous service which is written .. Read More
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How can notices be turned on in wordpress

When WP_DEBUG is enabled in wp-config.php, it will turn on the notices that deprecated functions were used. When WP_DEBUG is turned off or does not exist, then no reporting will be given. This prevents the notices for everyday users who are uninterested in receiving these reports. As a consequence, only the users who actively enable .. Read More

When are actions triggered in wordpress

When are actions triggered in wordpress .. Read More

Do follow site list for back linking

Best do follow website list to get some fruitful back links for your website. .. Read More

Most Easiest Way to Increase your Page Rank

Hi There, Basically I am a web developer. I build websites. But always trying to add something more with my profile. From the last 2 years SEO became a great concern for my development. Without Search Engine visibility all of my works are just useless. I found thousands of sites are appearing at the very .. Read More