Can SEO companies guarantee rankings?

It is not possible for a company to give you a guarantee that your site will get a special search engine position. If a company provides you that guarantee, please take a look on their offer. They may list your site in high page rank position but they will implement some valueless keywords for you .. Read More

Agile Scrum and traditional software development ( SDLC ) terms.

Hello All Few days back our boss focused on how to map the traditional software development term with Agile development term as a result I think it will be a good topic to discus and share our thoughts. We Agile practitioner always use some terms such as sprint, product backlog, burn-down chart etc. But people .. Read More
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LinkButton ,Label inside Repeater – ASP.NET

Hello All Today I will show you how to fire  Link Button’s event with argument and initialize a label inside of a repeater. To do that first we have to take LinkButton and a Label control inside the ItemTemplate of the repeater. Then we have to initialize the the Label from OnItemDataBound event of the .. Read More
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Print C# properties in aspx,ascx page from code behind file.

Hello all Today I will show you how to print something in aspx or ascx page from code behind file.In this example I have taken a “Web User Control” named “WebUserControl.ascx”. What I wanted to do was, print a value of a variable in “.ascx” page where the variable has been initialize from “.ascx.cs” better .. Read More
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File streaming in .NET

Hello All Today i will focus on simple file steaming in .NET which I have to implement it in one of my project.Though it’s not optimize but its OK for serve small purpose. In the project I have to read a PDF file from the server and with FileStream and Flash it with Response to .. Read More
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Consume WCF Service

Hello all Today I will show how to consume a WCF service. To go through this before, I have created a WCF service [ Creating WCF Service ] , which I will consume for my project in this article. Consuming WCF Service is as simple as consuming a simple webservice through Visual Studio 2008. First .. Read More
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Creating WCF Service

Hello all Today I will try to demonstrate how to create simple web service through WCF. To get into WCF first we have to know some basic principal of WCF and its "ABC". Address : the location of the service. Bind: how to get service. Contract: service action. In this tutorial I will not describe .. Read More
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Custom Event in .NET

Hello All, Today I will try to deliberate my experience on custom event creation in .NET , Actually I was trying to find something like hands on for event creation in .NET application, suddenly I got a quick help from one of my brother Sadique, who helped me out to resolve the thirst. We are .. Read More
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Namespace in ASP.NET

Commonly Used Types and Namespaces in ASP.NET System.Web HttpApplication HttpCookie HttpRequest HttpResponse HttpRuntime HttpServerUtility System.Web.ApplicationServices *NEW AuthenticationService NEW ProfileService NEW RoleService NEW System.Web.Caching Cache System.Web.ClientServices *NEW ClientFormsIdentity NEW ClientRolePrincipal NEW ConnectivityStatus NEW System.Web.ClientServices.Providers *NEW ClientFormsAuthenticationMembershipProvider NEW ClientRoleProvider NEW System.Web.Compilation BuildProvider System.Web.Configuration WebConfigurationManager *NEW System.Web.Hosting ApplicationManager System.Web.Management WebBasedEvent System.Web.Security FormsAuthentication FormsIdentity Membership Roles System.Web.SessionState HttpSessionState System.Web.UI .. Read More
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MySQL multiple table update & Regular Expression

Hello all Though its a very simple process but we usually don’t do this stuff too much unless we are bound to do that.In this article I will show how to update a table data with another table depending on another table & another will be a simple regular expression in MySQL query. In the .. Read More
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